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    Fenning Research Group

Prof. Fenning

Hello! I am an Assistant Professor in the Nanoengineering department at UC San Diego, where my group works on unlocking insights regarding defects in energy materials to both improve efficiency and lower cost of solar power and solar energy storage.

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PhD Students

MS. Students

Undergraduate Students

  • Michael Mnatsakanian
  • Aubriana Morris


Highschool Students

  • Jaeyoung Choi
  • Elizabeth Pegg



  • Alireza Kargar – Postdoc, Northwestern


  • Ernesto Magaña


  • Edward Matios – Phd student at Dartmouth
  • Priyasha Shah – Nestle



Positions available.

We have open positions for highly motivated graduate students and postdocs.  Backgrounds in materials science, physics, chemistry, engineering are of interest.